Non Thesis Masters Students Advised in AGR EDUC at Virginia Tech,
University of Missouri-Columbia, and Ohio State University, by year of graduation

Virginia Tech - Adviser
Name   Year  


1 Lineberry, Phil
2 Trobaugh, Greg
3 Armstrong, Bob
4 Bedall, Charles
5 Craddock, James
6 Hall, Rusty
7 Howard, Brenda Carr
8 Robertson, J.D.
9 Sink, Louis
10 Anderson, George
11 Auville, Martin
12 Blessing, Willis
13 Dickens, John
14 Hylton, Larry
15 Jewell, Larry
16 McIlwee, Eugene
17 Shiflet, David
18 James, Gilbert
19 Phillips, Kenneth




UMC - Adviser
Name   Year  


20 Fraley, Rolla
21 Therman, Larry
22 Browning, Leland
23 Bunge, Mike
24 Grozinger, Jim
25 Moseley, Robert C.
26 Pace, Joe
27 Schulte, James W.
28 Cook, Gene
29 Reynolds, Ray
30 Rouse, Robert
31 Summerlott, Herman
32 Swafford, Dan
33 Swafford, Dean




OSU - Adviser or Committee Member
Name   Year  


34. Lee, Cynthia
35. Mullen, Cathy
36. Coffey, Clayton
37. Edwards, Carla A.
38. Estadt, John R.
39. Osborne, Susan
40. Selikson, Robert
41. Snyder, Karen
42. Wooten, Doug
43. Arnold, Arthur
44. Hall, Dennis
45. Konst, Tom
46. White, Beth
47. Holmes, Lisa
48. Kohls, Sue
49. Yarnell, Lois
50. Bucher, Don
51. Lehnhart, Neil
52. Myers, Kristine
53. Okenyi, Christopher
54. Scott, Jim
55. Cheng, Hsing Fang
56. Htay, Than
57. Koleade, Richardson
58. Holton, Tom
59. McClay, Richard
60. Waidelich, William D.
61. Hein, Ba
62. Kandel, Larry
63. Booher, Greg
64. Coe, Larry
65. Peterson, Phyllis
66. Day, Barbara
67. Just, Karen
68. Putnam, Troy
69. Ba-Bello, Abubakar
70. Kick-Raack, Joanne
71. Suboh, Ab Manan
72. Wei, Yili
73. Friedl, Christina
74. Bode, Adam
75. Chenevey, Jamie





Current Ph D and MS Advisement


1. Beaudreault, Amy, AEE, Chair, PhD
2. Hannal, Janice, AEE, Member, PhD

3. Boroff, Amy, WELL, Member, PhD
4. Ko, Kyoungrok, TESL, Member, PhD
5. Park, Yoonhee, WELL, Member, PhD
6. Choi, Woojae, WELL, Member, PhD
7. Hwang, Sung-ok, WELL, Member, PhD
8. Jagger, Carla, AEE, Member, MS

9. Wei, Yi Li, AEE, Chair, PhD
10. Yu, Yang, TESL, PhD
11. Ghosh, Anu, AEE, Member, PhD
12. Ohl, Jennifer, WELL, PhD
13. Cooksey, Melinda, One-of-a-Kind, PhD
14. Dillon, Dave, WELL, PhD


Ph D Dissertations/MS Thesis Supervised, or Committee Service

At Virginia Tech


1. Curry, Charles, Ph D, 1976, Development of a Scale for Measuring Attitudes toward Work, Chair, (James Madison University, Virginia) Selected as one of four national Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations by American Vocational Education Research Association, 1977

2. Cooper, Elmer, Ph D, 1974, Role of Principals of Vocational Technical Education Centers in Virginia as Perceived by Incumbents, Superintendents and Teachers, Member, (Deceased)

3. Swartz, Ned, Ph D, 1974, Effects of Trade Experience, Teaching Experience, and Professional Education on the Classroom Teaching Performance of Secondary School Vocational Industrial Education Instructors, Member, Department of Public Instruction, Virginia)

4. Worms, Carolyn Litchfield, Ph D, 1975, Value Orientation of Virginia Vocational Teachers, Member, (Memphis State University)

5. Quesenberry, Alvertia, Ph D, 1976, Effects of Supplemented and Un-supplemented Instruction in Textiles at Ball State University, Member, (Emeritus, Ball State University)

6. Sewell, Judy, MS, 1973, The Effects of Task Oriented Distraction on Listening Achievement of Fourth Grade Students, Chair, (Elementary teacher, Blacksburg, Virginia)

7. Cunningham, Mickey, MS, 1973, Reducing the Decibels of Noise Produced by the Wood Planer in the School Shop, Member, (US Army)

8. Jack Shinstock, Ph D, 1975, (University of Nebraska, Associate Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources)

At University of Missouri-Columbia

1. Hires, William, Ph D, 1977, Correlation between Aptitudes of Agricultural Power I Students and Vocational Agriculture Instructor's Evaluation Measures, Chair, (University of Missouri Columbia, Emeritus)

2. Jewell, Larry R., Ph D, 1977, Effects of Noise on Comprehension and Completion Time, Member, (Private Entrepreneur)

3. Sanders, John, Ph D, 1977, An Analysis of Two Methods of Teaching Selected Investment Analysis Principles to Missouri Vocational Agriculture Instructors, Member, (Private Entrepreneur)

4. Swanson, John, Ph D, 1979, Leadership Behavior of Advisors and Future Farmers of America Chapter Effectiveness, Member, (USAID, Washington DC, Retired)

5. Burke, Stanley, Ph D, 1980, Effects of Temperature and Protective Clothing upon Task Completion Time, Work Quality, and Student Perceptions of the Learning Environment, Member, (Virginia Tech Emeritus )

At Ohio State University, Ph D¡¯s Chaired

1. Anderson, Monte, 1982, A Paradigm to Determine the Perceived Educational Needs of Agribusiness Employees in Clark and Fayette Counties, [Wilmington (Ohio) College]

2. Buriak, Phil, 1982, Effects of Attention on Psychomotor Skill Development in Arc Welding (University of Illinois, Emeritus)

3. Osborne, Edward W., 1982, Livestock Skills Taught in Vocational Agriculture Classes and Possessed by Current and Prospective Ohio Agricultural Production Teachers (University of Florida, Head, Department of Agricultural Education) AAAE National Outstanding Young Member Award. OTT National Outstanding Dissertation Award, 1983

4. Kouzekanani, Kamiar, 1983, Extension Education as Perceived by Educators and International Students of Extension Education: A National Study (Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi)

5. Ilkiuyoni, Jacob, 1984, Professional Competencies Needed by Agricultural Teachers in Postsecondary Technical Institutes in Tanzania (Tanzania, Ministry of Agriculture)

6. Wardlow, George, 1984, The Academic Ability of Agricultural Education Graduates Compared with Other Agriculture, Education and University Graduates (University of Arkansas) AAAE National Outstanding Young Member Award. OTT National Outstanding Dissertation Award, 1985.

7. Green, Joe, 1985, Professional Competencies Needed by Trainers in Agribusiness (Private Entrepreneur, Evergreen Learning)

8. Uko, Okon, 1985, Perceived Farm Management Educational Needs of Part time and Small Scale Farmers in Selected Ohio Counties (Deceased, Nigeria)

9. Norland, Emmalou, 1985, Factors Associated with the Turnover Intentions of Ohio Cooperative Extension Agents (EPA, Washington DC) AAAE National Outstanding Young Member Award Winner.

10. Dlamini, Barnabas, 1986, Perceptions of Professionals in Agricultural Education Regarding the Agricultural Teacher Education Program in Swaziland (Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Swaziland) CFAES Outstanding International Alumni Award.

11. Makin, Richard, 1986, The Relationship Between Selected Teacher Presage Variables and Supervised Occupational Experience Quality in Vocational Horticulture Programs in Ohio (Superintendent, Purchase Line School District, Commodore PA)

12. Diem, Keith, 1987, The Relationship of Marketing Activities and Promotional Methods Used with County 4 H Club Membership in New Jersey and Ohio (New Jersey Cooperative Extension Service)

13. Rennekamp, Roger, 1987, The Relationship between Selected Antecedent Characteristics and Perceived Educational Needs of Extension Agents with 4 H Youth Development Responsibilities (Oregon Cooperative Extension Service)


14. Simelane, M. Jethro, 1988, Planned Use of Subject Matter Content by Final Year Students in Swaziland Secondary Agricultural Education (Department of Agricultural Education, University of Swaziland)

15. Bhardwaj, Ajay, 1989, Cognitive Levels of the Educational Programs Offered by the Ohio Cooperative Extension Service County Agricultural Extension Agents (McKinley Group, Washington DC)

16. Hard, David, 1989, Correlates of Accidents in Ohio Vocational Agriculture Laboratories (NIOSH/OSHA, Morgantown, West Virginia)

17. Maung, Mya, 1989, Comparative Analysis of Agricultural Extension Models and the Development of Recommendations for an Agricultural Extension System in Burma (Retired)

18. Bratkovich, Steve, 1991, Perceived Educational Needs of Innovative Ohio Sawmill Operators (U.S. Forestry Service, St. Paul, Minnesota)

19. Ismail, Ali Kasim, 1992, Assessing the Intended and Actual Levels of Cognition of Ohio Cooperative Extension Service Instructional Programs (University, Yemen Arab Republic)

20. Dlamini, Marietta, 1993, Factors Related to the Attitude of First-Year University and College Students toward the Secondary Agriculture Components in Swaziland (Department of Agricultural Education, University of Swaziland) CFAES Outstanding International Alumni Award

21. Okoro, Daniel, 1993, Factors related to the Learning of Participants in the Ohio Pesticide Private Applicators Instructional Program (Southeastern Correctional Institution, Lancaster OH)

22. Ntifo-Siaw, Edward, 1993, Managing Agricultural Extension: Perceived Performance of the Training & Visit and General Extension Approaches in Ghana (University of Cape Coast, Ghana)

23. Sproles, Elizabeth K., 1981, Perceptions of 1980 West Virginia Nontraditional and Traditional Vocational Completers of Their School Preparation and Work Barriers (University of Arizona, Emeritus) OTT National Outstanding Dissertation Award, 1982.

24. Bragg, Debbie, 1985, The Attributes, Aspirations and Experiences of Individuals Who Entered and Terminated Postsecondary Vocational Technical Education (University of Illinois) OTT National Outstanding Dissertation Award, 1986.

25. Jyung, Chyul-Young, 1989, Predictors of Students' Career Maturity in Central Ohio Schools (Department of Agricultural Education, Seoul National University) OTT National Outstanding Dissertation Award. CFAES Outstanding International Alumni Award, 1990.

26. Watkins, Larae, 1993, Contributions of Vocational Education to Educational Reform as Perceived by Vocational Education Policy Influencers (Central Missouri State University)

27. Squire, Patrick, 1993, Thinking Skills Required in Adult Vocational Education Programs: A Study of Adult Vocational Education Instruction in Central Ohio (Department of Agricultural Extension, University of Botswana)

28. Chen, Shinshin, 1994, Correlates of the Levels of Cognition in The Ohio State University Extension 4-H Volunteer Training Programs (Chaoyang University of Technology, Taichung, Taiwan) CFAES Outstanding International Alumni Award, 2005.

29. Arede, Maria, 1994, The Perceived Farm Management Educational Needs of Farmers in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

30. Boone, Kristina, 1994, Cognitive and Affective Changes Exhibited by Extension Clients in Scioto County Using Water-related Publications (Kansas State University)

31. Dlamini, Ruth, 1996, Levels of Cognition in Agricultural Programs Offered at the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute (University of Swaziland)

32. Kim, Sunny, 1995, Factors Associated with the Total Quality Management Educational Needs of Employees in Selected Korean Companies (Myung Ji College in Korea)

33. Mudukuti, Anna, 2001, Factors Related to Zimbabwe Women's Educational Needs in Agriculture

34. Kao, Kai-ning, 2001, Levels of Cognition of Instruction and Students' Reflective Thinking in a Selected Web-Enhanced Course (Ming Chuan University, Taipei, Taiwan, 2001)

35. Lu, Chifang, 2002, Instructional Technology Competencies Perceived as Needed by Vocational Teachers in Ohio and Taiwan (Shih Chien University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan) Dissertation Award from National Center on Research in Vocational Education


36. Kim, Yung-chul, 2004, Factors Predicting Korean Vocational High School Teachers¡¯ Attitudes toward School Change (Korea, Ministry of Education Representative to UNESCO, Paris) Selected OSU Outstanding Vocational Education Dissertation in University Council on Voc Ed competition

37. Saud, Sukri, 2005, Computer Technology Competencies Perceived as Needed by Vocational and Technical Teachers in Malaysia (Universiti of Technology, Malaysia)

38. Hsu, Chia-Chien, 2005, Identification of Intangible Resources Essential to Agri-tourism Enterprises in Taiwan: A Delphi Study

39. Wolf, Kattlyn, 2008, Agricultural Education Teacher Self-Efficacy:? A Descriptive Study of Beginning Agricultural Education Teachers in Ohio (University of Idaho)

Ph D Committee Service at OSU

1. Kittrell, David, 1980, Ext Ed, The Relationship among the Interest Scores on Six Occupational Themes and Job Satisfaction and Performance of Ohio Cooperative Extension County Agents (Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service)

2. Sutphin, H. Dean, 1981, Ag Ed, Positions Held by Teachers, Teacher Educators, and State Supervisors about Selected National Issues in Agricultural Education (Virginia Tech) AAAE National Outstanding Young Member Award.

3. Lee, Lynn, 1984, Ext Ed, The Relationship between Students' Perceived Skill Development and Characteristics of the Supervised Occupational Experience Program (New York Cooperative Extension Service)

4. Clark, Richard, 1985, Ext Ed, Burnout and Associated Factors Among Administrators/Mid Managers of the Cooperative Extension Service in the North Central Region (University of Illinois)

5. Deeds, Jacque, 1985, Ag Ed, Relationships Between Attitudes of Pre service Agricultural Teacher Education Majors and Variables Related to Early Field Based Experience (Mississippi State University)

6. Chautong, Pongpan, 1986, Ag Ed, Factors Associated with the Problem Solving Ability of High School Students Enrolled in Horticulture (Kasetsart University, Thailand)

7. Kwarteng, Joseph, 1986, Ext Ed, Correlates of County Chairperson Performance on the Ohio Cooperative Extension Service Assessment Center (University of Cape Coast, Ghana)

8. Odell, Kerry, 1986, Ag Ed, The Educational and Occupational Aspirations and Expectations of Rural Tenth and Twelfth Grade Students in the State of Ohio (West Virginia University)

9. Nazri, M. Ibrahim, 1988, Ag Ed, Professional Knowledge Competency Achievement of Agriculture Teachers with and Without Pre-service Teacher Preparation in Peninsular Malaysia (Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia)

10. Bakar, Ab Rahim, 1992, Ag Ed, Youth Organization and Supervised Agricultural Experience Program Participation as Predictors of Agricultural Education Student Career Maturity (Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia)

11. Kasa, Zakaria, 1993, Ag Ed, Factors Related to the Work Attitudes of Diploma Program Students at Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia)

12. Douge, Brian, HPER, Candidacy Exam Committee

13. Littman, Mike, CVE, Candidacy Exam Committee

14. Pliel, Andy, Pharmacy, Candidacy Exam Committee

15. Plimpton, Carol, HPER, Candidacy Exam Committee

16. Reardon, Greg, Pharmacy, Candidacy Exam Committee

17. Sieklicki, Tracey, HPER, Candidacy Exam Committee

18. Basta, Sue, HPER, Candidacy Exam Committee

19. Wolfe, Deborah, 1982, HPER, Performance of Tactual Discrimination Task by Selected Elementary Students under Two Levels of Hemispheric Information Processing (Newark Public Schools)

20. Hester, Donna, 1983, HPER, The Effects of Play Environment Complexity on the Motor and Social Behavior of Developmentally Delayed Preschool Children (University of Alabama Birmingham)

21. Jones, C. "Jessie," 1983, HPER, Relationship between Selected Teacher Characteristics and Student Contact with Teachers (University of New Orleans)

22. Pepino, Myrna, 1983, Home Ec Ed, Certification Standards for Occupational Home Economics Teacher Education in the United States with Implications for Vocational Home Economics in the Philippines (Visayas State College of Agriculture, Philippines)

23. Guthrie, Sharon, 1985, HPER, The Prevalence and Development of Eating Disorders Within a Selected Intercollegiate Athlete Population (Cal State Fullerton)

24. Kohan, Alan, 1985, CVE, Vocational Teacher Perceptions of Their Locus of Control, Job Satisfaction, and Superintendent Leader Behavior in Central Ohio Joint Vocational Schools (Hawaii, State Director of Vocational Education)

25. Sherman, Sallie, 1985, Ed-Instructional Tech, Instructional Characteristics Critical for Promoting Achievement in Computer Courseware Designed for Grades 9 Through 12 (Private Entrepreneur)

26. Tisone, Mark, 1985, Ed-Instructional Tech, Enhancement of Creative Abilities in Middle School Students Using Computer Technologies Compared to Traditional Approaches (Virginia Commonwealth University)

27. Stallion, Brenda, 1987, CVE, Classroom Management Intervention: The effects of training and mentoring on the inductee teacher's behavior National Distinguished Dissertation Award in Teacher Education, Association of Teacher Educators

28. Crowe, Barbara, 1987, Speech and Hearing, Attitudes toward Children with Normal Articulation and Those with Mild Disorders (Valdosta State College, Georgia)

29. Thomas, "Dee," 1987, Adult Ed, Attitudes toward Unions among Civilian Food Service Workers at U.S. Army Medical Centers and Relationship to Job Satisfaction and Performance (U.S. Army, Retired)

30. Michelini, Edward, 1988, Ed-Instructional Tech, Adaptive Computer Assisted Instruction for Rule Acquisition of English Sentence Punctuation Based Upon the Right Wrong Pattern of Learner Response (Manhattan College, NYC)

31. Ubbes, Valerie A., 1988, HPER, Relationship between Self Concept, Eating Behavior, and Gymnastic Success of Female Collegiate Gymnasts from Big Ten Conference Teams (University of Northern Illinois)

32. Lasnik, Vincent, 1988, Ed-Instructional Tech, The Effect of Problem Oriented and Rule Oriented Computer Based Instructional Strategies on Concept Acquisition in Microeconomics (Private Entrepreneur)

33. Kirk, Mary Fortman, 1989, HPER, The Climbing Patterns of Four and Six Year Old Children on Ladders with Differing Rung Spacing (Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY)

34. Mieres, Ana, 1990, Ed P&L, An Instrument to Operationalize the Theory of Power Strategy Styles (Hospital Administrator, St. Petersburg, Florida)

35. Chovan, John, 1990, Ed-Instructional Tech, The Identification of Distinctive Features in the Language Underlying Mechanical Engineering Design Communication (OSU)

36. Frisby, Tony, 1991, Adult Ed, Self-Directed Learning Readiness in Medical Students at The Ohio State University (Thomas Jefferson University, Medical College, Philadelphia)

37. Kienow, Nancy, 1992, HPER, Death Education and Death Anxiety in Student Nurse Aides (Private Entrepreneur, Dayton, Ohio)

38. Lux, Kathy, 1992, HPER, Development of an Instrument to Test the Health Belief Model as a Predictor of Juvenile Delinquents' Safer Sex Intentions (Capital University, Columbus, OH )

39. Lee, Jeanette W., 1992, Guidance and Counseling, Math Word Problem Solving Skills of Elementary Students with Learning Disabilities Following a Novel Direct Instructional Approach or a Traditional Math Program (West Virginia State College)

40. Ludwig, Barbara, 1994, Ext Ed, Internationalizing Extension: An Exploration of the Characteristics Evident In a State University Extension System that Achieves Internationalization

41. Tello, Ellie, Math Ed., Candidacy Exam Committee

42. Granecki, Janice, CVE, Candidacy Exam Committee

43. Pete Territo, 1993, Industrial Ed, Communication Skills Utilized in Louisiana Technology Education Programs (Southeastern Louisiana University)

44. Pamela Chapman, 1994, Guidance and Counseling, Adjustment Effects of Multi-Modal Program Participation on Ohio Incarcerated Women (Ohio Penal System)

45. Selamet Triono, 1995, CVE, Factors Related to Work Attitudes of Sarjana Program Students at the Technology and Vocational Education College, Medan, Indonesia (State University of Medan, Dean, Faculty of Engineering & Voc-Tech Ed., Indonesia)

46. Seonghee Choi, 1999, TOESL, Teaching English as a language in Korean Middle Schools: Exploration of communicative language teaching through teachers= beliefs and self-reported classroom practices (Teacher in Korea)

47. Margo Izzo, 1999, Special Ed, The Effects of Transition Services on Outcome Measures of Employment for Vocational Students with Disabilities (Nisonger Center, OSU)

48. Mafi, Sharine, 2000, Adult Ed, Candidacy Exam Committee

49. Stacy, Cheryl, Adult Ed, Candidacy Exam Committee

50. Koo, Dohee, TOESL, Candidacy Exam Committee

51. Lord, Darcy, 2000, HPER, Candidacy Exam Committee

52. Lin, Amy, 2000, HPER, ___________

53. Jha, Sanjay, HCRD, Candidacy Exam Committee and Adviser

54. Castillo, Jamie, HCRD, Candidacy Exam Committee

55. Eun, Seon-hwa, 2001, TOESL, Contextual Autonomy of EFL Classrooms: A Critical Review of English Teaching Methods in South Korea

56. Chen, Lih-mei, 2002, TOESL, Taiwanese Junior High School English Teachers¡¯ Perceptions of the Washback Effect of the Basic Competence Test in English

57. Verakojis, Sarah, 2004, WELL, The Relationship between Smoking Cessation Outcomes and Functional Health Literacy Level in Patients Receiving a Cognitive Smoking Cessation Intervention (OSU, SAMP)

58. Lee, Chan, 2004, WELL, The Relationship between Job Change toward Dimensions of Knowledge Work and Job Level in a Korean Bank

59. Anible, Russ, HCRD-Voc Ed, Candidacy Exam Committee

60. Reiko Kachi, 2003, TOESL, Factors Predicting Native and Nonnative Listeners¡¯ Evaluative Reactions
to Japanese English, (Japan)

61. Aiyeru, Tunde, 2000, HCRD, Candidacy Exam Committee

62. Bain, Ruey-fen, 2000, HCRD, Balancing Work and Family Life Needs: Extension Staff of the Farmers¡¯ Association in Taiwan, (Da Yeh University, Taichung, Taiwan)

63. Cuellar, Clara, 2001, Candidacy Exam Committee, HPER

64. Kim, Jin Hyuk, 2002, Candidacy Exam Committee, WELL

65. Liu, Yuerong ¡°Gloria¡±, Candidacy Exam Committee, TOESL

66. Yeh, Ling-miao, Candidacy Exam Committee, TOESL

67. Shyy, Shoei-der ¡°Frank¡±, Candidacy Exam Committee, HCRD

68. Al-Zaidi, Addullah, 1980, Candidacy Exam Committee, Ag Ed

69. Oto-France, A. D., 1984, Candidacy Exam Committee, Ag Ed

70. Chu, Li-Li, 1990, Candidacy Exam Committee, Ed- Instructional Tech

71. Nxumalo, Nozzie, 1990, Candidacy Exam Committee, Higher Ed

72. Chen, Kevin, 1992, Candidacy Exam Committee, Special Ed

73. Saiduddin, Jamu, 1991, Candidacy Exam Committee, Adult Ed

74. He, Hua, 1992, Candidacy Exam Committee, HPER

75. Sun, Yijing, 1994, Candidacy Exam Committee, HPER

76. Chang, Chien-ni, 1999, Candidacy Exam Committee, Ed S&R

77. Joo, Eunjee, 2005, Attachment Styles of Female Parenting and Nonparenting Adolescence. College of Human Ecology.

78. Caldwell, Cassandra (Private Entrepreneur, North Carolina)

79. Wu, Ching-Hsuan ¡°Cola,¡± 2007, Spoken Grammaticality and EFL Teacher Candidates: Measuring the Effects of an Explicit Grammar Teaching Method on the Oral Grammatical Performance of Teacher Candidates

80. Gerrity, Kevin, 2007, No Child Left Behind: Determining the Impact of Policy on Music Education

81. Cheong, Song Hui, 2007, The Role of Listener Affiliated Socio-cultural Factors in Perceiving Native Accented Versus Foreign Accented Speech


MS Thesis Chaired at OSU

1. Watkins, Larae, 1981, Perceptions of Vocational Horticulture Students, Parents, Horticulture Industry Employers and School Administrators of the Value of Extended Service Contracts (Central Missouri State University)

2. Dyer, Patty, 1983, The Relationship of Selected Variables to the Morale of Ohio Vocational Agriculture Teachers (Ohio Soil Conservation Service)

3. Krill, Tom, 1983, Superintendents' Attitudes toward Adult Vocational Agricultural Education in Ohio's Comprehensive High Schools (Krill, OSU Extension)

4. Pruckno, Kathleen Gutheil, 1983, Selected Ohio Vocational Agriculture Students Objectives and Motivators for Enrolling (Homemaker)

5. Ritsos, Pantelis, 1984, Professional Competencies Needed by Extension Employees in Urban Counties of Ohio (Greece, Shell Oil Company)

6. Short, Gary, 1984, Attitudes of Ohio Vocational Agriculture Teachers Toward Summer Programs (Banking, Archibold, Ohio)

7. Dlamini, Marietta, 1986, College Administrators' Image of the Agricultural Teacher Education Program: A National Study (University of Swaziland)

8. Milliser, Kenneth, 1987, Factors Associated with the Decision of First Year 4 H Advisors to Discontinue After One Year of Service (The Ohio State University)

9. Escolme, Kathleen, 1988, Cognitive Style of International and Domestic Graduate Students in Agricultural Education and Agricultural Economics (Horticulture Teacher, United Kingdom)

10. Okiria, Amos E., 1989, Job Satisfaction of Agricultural College Teachers in Uganda (Ministry of Agriculture, Uganda)

11. Michelle Collins, 2001, Michigan 4-H Youth Development Agents' Perceptions of the Importance of and Their Competencies with Selected Volunteer Management Functions (Michigan Extension Service)

12. Kim, Yung-chul, 2002, Agriculture Teachers= Attitudes toward Adult Agricultural Education in Ohio Comprehensive High Schools (Korean Ministry of Education) Eta (OSU) Chapter of OTT Award for Outstanding MS Thesis

13. Hsu, Chia-chien, 2002, Taiwan Vacation Farm Visitors¡¯ Motivation and Satisfaction, (Ph D student, OSU)

14. Beaudreault, Amy, 2006, Students Taste for Organic Food:? A Look into Influencers of Perceptions.

MS Thesis Committee Service in Department at OSU

1. Henderson, Janet, 1980, Sex Bias and Teacher Evaluation of State FFA Degree Applications (Heifers International)

2. Harmon, Hobart L., 1981, Background Characteristics, Entering Professional Competencies and Professional Development of Post Secondary Agriculture Instructors in Ohio

3. Kandeh, Joseph, 1981, Selected Procedures Used in Preparing Agricultural Students for Ohio Vocational Agriculture Contests (Ohio State University)

4. Snyder, Karen, 1981, Knowledge of Expanded Sex Roles and Attitudes Toward Self Concept Development as Related to Nontraditional 4 H Project Selection (Cincinnati Public Schools)

5. Uli, Jegak Anak, 1981, The Ohio County Program Planning Process: Perceptions of the County Extension Agent Chairman (Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia)

6. Bigler, Nancy, 1982, Factors Contributing to the Retention of Volunteer 4 H Club Leaders in Ohio (Maryland Cooperative Extension Service)

7. Fisher, Christy, 1982, Participants in the 4 H Volunteer Leadership Program: Their Characteristics, Attitudes and Experiences (Ohio Cooperative Extension Service)

8. Beckley, Bill, 1983, Results of the Ohio Cooperative Extension Service Needs Assessment for Community Resource Development Programs (West Virginia Cooperative Extension Service)

9. Fix, Martha, 1983, The Ohio 4 H Dairy Goat Program as Perceived by 1982 4 H Members (OSUE)

10. Whitted, Vicki, 1983, Results of the Ohio Cooperative Extension Service Needs Assessment for Agricultural Industry Programs (Ohio Cooperative Extension Service)

11. Kwarteng, Joseph, 1985, Ohio 4 H Agents' and Volunteer Leaders' Perceptions of the Volunteer Leadership Development Program (University of Cape Coast, Ghana)

12. Richey, Marsha, 1986, Perceptions of the Effectiveness of 4 H Volunteer Key Leaders as Held by Key Leaders and County 4 H Agents in Ohio (Ohio Cooperative Extension Service)

13. Smith, Penne, 1986, Farm Financial Management Program Participants Perceptions' of Change in Knowledge and Skills of Financial Management and Their Attitudes toward the Ohio Cooperative Extension Service (Ohio Cooperative Extension Service)

14. List, Carol, 1987, Attitudes of Ohio Cooperative Extension Service County Agents toward Their Evaluation Tasks (Ohio Cooperative Extension Service)

15. Khumalo, Dickson, 1987, Perceptions of Researchers and County Extension Agents toward Selected Agricultural Research Projects in Ohio (Swaziland Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives)

16. De los Santos, Saturnino, 1988, Use of Bennett¡¯s Hierarchical Model in the Evaluation of the Extension Education Program for Cacao Farmers in the Northeast Region of the Dominican Republic

17. Elchert, Henry S., 1989, Factors Related to the Education Needs of Farmers in the Vanguard-Sentinel Vocational School District (Vanguard Sentinel JVS, Fremont, Ohio)

18. Collins, Christy, 1986, A Comparison of Attitudes toward Competition in Ohio 4-H: Current 4-H Members versus 4-H Dropouts (Soil Conservation Service, Ohio)

19. Emnett, Rich, 1993, A Descriptive Analysis of Respondents Purchasing Capital Equipment for Production Agriculture in Six Selected Ohio Counties (OSU Extension)

20. Pollock, Candace, 1998, News Factors that affect Daily Newspaper Editors¡¯ Decisions when Selecting and Editing Science Stories for Publication. (OSU)

21. McConnell, Elaine, 2003, Teacher Efficacy of Novice Teachers in Agricultural Education in Ohio at the End of the School Year (OH Teacher, Great Oaks System)

22. Dever, Janice, 2003, Practices Observed at Youth Livestock Exhibitions by Ohio Secondary Agricultural Educators (West Virginia Extension Service, Pendleton County)

23. Kohlhagen, Brad, 1999, Kentucky 4-H Agents¡¯ Perceptions of the Level of Competency and Frequency of Use of Volunteer Development Activities (Kentucky Extension Service)

24. Cathy Deppe, 1998, Ext Ed, Ohio 4-H Agents' Perceptions of the Level of Importance and Frequency of Use of the Eighteen Components of the GEMS Model of Volunteer Administration (OSUE, Defiance County)

25. Daniel Foster, 2008, Developing an instrument to measure the utilization of principles of teaching and learning during class sessions.

Other Departments: MS Thesis Committee Service

1. Flanigan, Karen, 1982, Predicting Academic Success in Respiratory Technology Using Preprofessional Academic Performance and ACT Test Scores

2. Cancilla, Leslie, 1983, An Assessment of Ecological Knowledge Gain Resulting from a Resident Environmental Education Program (Private entrepreneur)

3. Nemunaitis, Deborah, 1984, The Effect of Upper Extremity Weight Bearing on Shoulder Subluxation of the Stroke Patient (Ohio University)

4. Wilson, Don, Thesis Incomplete.

5. Rypien, Ann Beemer, 1987, An Investigation of a Nutritional Assessment Profile for the End Stage Renal Disease Patient (Riverside Hospital, Columbus, Ohio)

6. Geraghty, Maureen, 1989, The Relationship between Body Weight, Body Composition, Caloric Intake and Activity Level in Postmastectomy Women on Adjunct Chemotherapy (Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH)

7. Suchoski, Lisa, 1989, Compensation: A Survey of Laboratory Professionals in Ohio (Children's Hospital, Columbus, Ohio)

8. Little, David, 1991, Undergraduate Medical Education Programs in Health Education: A Census of U.S. Medical Schools (School of Medicine, Wright State University)

9. Pardi, Marty Yeager, 1991, Reliability and Validity of Foot Pronation Measurements in Bilateral and Unilateral Stance with the Calcaneal Angle and Navicular Drop Tests (Sportsmedicine Grant, Inc., Columbus)

10. Bjerke, Sherry, 1993, Ohio School Nurses Define Emotional Maltreatment of School-Age Children (Worthington, OH, Schools) 1994 Research Award Winner, National Association of School Nurses.